Genuine Gold Leaf

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Genuine Gold Leaf Pack - 500 lvs.

Genuine Gold Leaf Book - 25 lvs.

Genuine Gold Leaf Rolls

Genuine Gold Leaf Kits

Gold Powder

Genuine Gold Foil

24kt Gold

23.75kt Gold

23.5kt Gold

23kt Gold

23kt Red Gold

22kt Gold

22kt Moon Gold

22kt French Pale Gold

18kt Lemon Gold

16kt Pale Gold

13.25kt White Gold

12kt White Gold

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Our Brands

Guisto Manetti Gold Leaf

Manetti - ITALIAN

Crocodile German Gold Leaf

Crocodile - GERMAN

Chinese Gold Leaf

Brambilla - ITALIAN

Nazionale metal Leaf

Nazionale - ITALIAN

Kolner Gilding products

Kolner - GERMAN

Chinese Gold Leaf

Chinese - CHINA