Single edge gilder's knife
double edge gilder's knife

Gilder's Knife

In Stock

Gilder's Knife Single edge or double edge. Flat or round tip.

GK/S $ 39.00
Single edge with square tip 5½" blade
Square tip
GK/DF $ 39.00
Double edge with square tip 5½" blade
Square tip
GK/DS $ 41.00
Double edge with round tip 5¾" blade
Round tip
GK/DR $ 48.00
Double edge with round tip 5½" blade
Round tip
Gilder's pad for gold leaf

Gilder's Pad

In Stock

Gilding PadFor use with loose leaf gold. Various sizes. With or without sheild.

GP/K $ 35.00
Plain 6 x 6" American W/O Shield
W/O Shield
GP/A $ 110.00
Custom 6 x 9" American W/O Shield
W/O Shield
GP/S $ 90.00
Standard 6 x 10"American W/Paper Shield
3 Paper Shield
GP/AS $ 152.00
Custom 6 x 9" American W/Parchment Shield
Parchment Shield
GP/D $ 64.00
Deluxe 7 x 9½" Italian W/O Shield
w/o Shield
cotton gloves for gold leafing
cotton gloves for silver leafing

Gilder's Gloves

In Stock

Cotton Gilders Gloves. Ideal for working with Genuine Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf and tarnishing metals like Imitation Gold and Copper Leaf.

CGG $ 9.95
Cotton Gilders Gloves - 100% Cotton - 6 pairs (12 individual gloves)
Horse hair polishing cloth
Horse hair polishing cloth for clay bole

Horsehair Cloth

In Stock

Horsehair polishing cloth. A mildly abrasive bole polishing cloth made from horsehair. Used in the Traditional Water Gilding process to polish Bole clay before application of Genuine Gold leaf. 10' x 15".

HHC $ 8.00
Horse hair polishing cloth - 10" x 15"
Rottenstone polishiong powder


In Stock

Rottenstone is a very fine abrasive for polishing (can be used wet or dry). It is ideal for producing an aged look on gilded surfaces. It is generally sold as a finer powder and used for a more glossy polish after an initial treatment with coarser pumice powder. It can also be used to sand varnished surfaces and to buff stains out of wood.

RS/500 $ 18.50
Rottenstone - polishing powder - 17.6oz
500 gram
RS/K $ 30.00
Rottenstone - polishing powder - 32.5oz
1 Kilo <
Pumice polishing powder

Pumice Powder

In Stock

Pumice Powder - Extra Fine. Pumice Powder is used as an abrasive for rubbing gilded surfaces at achieve an antiqued worn effect. It is also used to degrease your gilders knife and gilders pad. It can be mixed with water or oils to make a paste which is then used to polish surfaces.

PX/100 $ 14.00
Pumice powder - Extra Fine - 100 gram
100 gram
PX/500 $ 22.00
Pumice powder - Extra Fine - 500 gram
500 gram
PX/K $ 34.00
Pumice powder - Extra Fine - 1 Kilo
1 Kilo

Product Description

Gilder's Knives Highest quality. Steel blade and wooden handles.

Gilder's Pads Firm base with soft cutting surface. For loose leaf gilding.

Gesso Carving ToolsA variety of shapes range from a sharp pointed tool for deep crevices to a blunt rounded end for flowing curves.

GROUND SHIPMENT ONLY This product is availble to ship immediately. All our brushes are shipped fully insured via UPS.

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