Perfect Wood Finishes

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Perfect Wood Finishes - A full color, step by step guide to choosing and applying the right finishes on all kinds of wood.

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Perfect Wood Finishes
Timeless Home Book

Timeless Home

Achieving Classic, Rustic and Romantic Styles With Paint Effects.
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Written by Tobias Freccia, the founder of!

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Special - Limited Edition each book signed by the author.

Classic techniques for turning everyday spaces into favorite places. With a little paint and this easy-to-follow guide, you can transform even the most modest dwellings into warm, welcoming interiors that express your unique lifestyle. Thirty step-by-step demonstrations show you how to create popular decorating styles from Tuscany, England, France, Early America and Rural Mexico: Richly textured walls--from soft washes of color and classic Venetian plaster to bold stripes, floral borders and simulated leather.

More features include Hand-painted floor cloths and faux inlay floors. Faux marble tabletops, gilded accents, rustic benches, painted scrolls on curtains, and other artifacts that look like they come straight out of regional shops and village gardens.

Stunning photo galleries provide further decorating ideas for infusing ordinary rooms with timeless beauty, traditional artisanship and plenty of Old World appeal. Whether you long for rustic charm or romantic elegance ... whether you are a beginning decorator, a weekend renovator or an accomplished artist ... the paint effects in this book are easy to achieve and even easier to live with.

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Timeless Home - Achieving Classic, Rustic and Romantic Styles With Paint Effects.

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