Clay Bole for Water Gilding Techniques

Traditional Clay Bole and Insta-Clay for Traditional Water Gilding

Clay Bole for Gilding

Select from finely ground traditional clay bole or Kolner Insta-Clay, a single-process base for water gilding that eliminates the need for glue, gesso, and bole.

Bole - Clay for Gilding

Traditional clay bole and Insta-Clay for Traditional Water Gilding

Gilder’s burnish clay, or clay bole, is an essential part of the traditional water gilding system with gold and silver leaf. Applied in multiple thin coats over a primed or gesso surface, burnish clay allows water-gilded gold or silver to be polished to a mirror gloss finish.

Selhamin Burnish Clay

  • Dry Cone Form: Available in dry cone form, which needs to be crushed, reconstituted with water into a slurry, and screened before being mixed with a prepared adhesive (such as rabbit skin glue).
  • Prepared Paste: Also available in a prepared paste, where the preliminary reconstituting has already been done, making it convenient and ready to use.

Kolner Insta-Clay

Kolner Insta-Clay is a single-process base for water gilding, eliminating the need for glue, gesso, and bole. Developed by Kölner-GlanzGold-Grund to meet the demands of commercial producers of gilded objects, Insta-Clay is used to prepare moldings and other items for gilding. This innovative process replaces the complex and labor-intensive steps associated with traditional water gilding.

Benefits of Using Insta-Clay
  • Simplifies the Gilding Process: Eliminates the need for multiple materials and steps, making the gilding process more efficient.
  • Ideal for Commercial Production: Designed to meet the high demands of commercial gilding, ensuring consistency and quality.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for preparing various items, including moldings, frames, and decorative objects.

Whether you choose traditional clay bole or the innovative Kolner Insta-Clay, you will find that these materials provide excellent results for water gilding. Traditional clay bole, such as Selhamin burnish clay, offers the classic approach with its rich history and proven techniques. On the other hand, Kolner Insta-Clay streamlines the process, making it accessible and efficient for modern gilding applications.

Explore our range of gilding clays to find the perfect match for your project, ensuring a beautiful and lasting finish for your gold and silver leaf applications.

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