Professional Artists, Gilders and Suppliers

Our Partnership program encourages seasoned professionals and suppliers to actively participate in the vibrant and innovative gilding community, fostering connections with colleagues, students, and followers.

Masters of Gilding Craftsmanship. Professionals can mentor and guide beginners, and newcomers can draw inspiration from the world of professional gilders. Together, we elevate the artistry of gilding.

Experience the artistry and talent of professional artists and gilders who have elevated gilding to new heights. Our collaboration with these distinguished professionals has led to remarkable gilding projects. Meet some of the best in the world of professional gilders and learn about their tools, products and protips!

Featured Product Ideally suited for exterior applications.

Gold Leaf Kits - Oil based

Professional Gilding Kit - 23kt Gold Leaf. Each kit contains: Basic step-by-step instructions, one book 23kt Gold Leaf book (Patent leaf) one 4 oz. bottle of yellow/ochre oil based Gilding Primer, natural hair brush, one 4 oz jar of oil based gilding size, one 4 oz Acrylic Top Coat Sealer, cotton and mixing sticks, wet/dry paper and book of leaf. Solvent-based. Each Gold leaf book contains 25 leaves. Each leaf is 3 3/8" x 3 3/8" square. Approx coverage is 1.7 sqft.

UPS Ground shipment only.

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