How to Oil Gild and apply gold leaf.

A Study in Oil Gilding and other Mordants

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Gilding Workshop
How to Oil Gild and gold leaf classes

A Study in Oil Gilding...and other Mordants

Designed to produce a soft satin to a semi-gloss appearance, oil gilding is the most often used method for gilding exterior architecture including Domes, Cupolas, and incised lettering of stonework. It is also used for frames, furniture, and interior architectural detail.

This popular method of gilding is often where gilders begin. Although less time-intensive than traditional water gilding its properties still need to be properly understood to produce an attractive and long-lasting finish.

During this Online six-week course the student will gain an understanding of quick and slow oil sizeon a variety of objects including stone, metal, glass, and wood. Students will become familiar with the various options and requirements for undercoats for interior and exterior work, while also exploring both historical and contemporary alternatives to oil as a mordant for gilding including acrylic emulsion, garlic, and gum ammoniac.

This is an 6 session class for a total of 9 hours. Each session is 90 minutes.

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Charles Douglas Studios Oil Gilding Kit
CDOG/KIT $ 240.00
Oil based

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