Glass Gilding...Introduction to Verre Églomisé

How to apply gold leaf to glass. Charles Douglas Gilding Studio

The is excited to partner with the Charles Douglas Gilding Studio to provide you with the highest quality, hands on training for the gilding arts.

Learn the beautiful ancient art of reverse glass gilding and discover the steps involved in achieving a strong and brilliant bond between glass and leaf. Learn to properly clean the glass, prepare gelatin size, gild the glass with genuine gold and be introduced to the concept of engraving the gilding in reverse before the final step of abrading, candlesmoke, and Black India Ink for special effects!

Glass Gilding. The use of gold or Silver leaf on glass goes back to early Roman times and was a popular technique used for Looking Glass Mirrors during eighteenth and nineteenth century England.

Gilding Workshop
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Glass Gilding...Introduction to Verre Églomisé

This coming January, 2022 brings the much anticipated return to New York where gilder and reknowned instructor Charles Douglas brings this special One-Day Intensive Gilding Class to the Isabele O’Neil studio!

This popular Workshop introduces students to the art of verre églomisé with a focus on achieving a proper balance between brilliancy and bonding between the gold leaf and the glass. Explore the beautiful artistry of gilded mirrors and learn to gild with precious 6k white gold leaf. This is a hands-on class with a focus on gilding along with a demonstration of etching into the leaf and a discussion of reverse painting and lettering over the back of gold and silver leaf.

Location: 381 Park Ave South. 13th FLoor, New York New York.

This is a 1 session class for a total of 6.5 hours. Break will be provided.

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January 29, 2022 IN PERSON 10:30am - 5:00pm EST $285.00 AVAILABLE

Class Materials

Charles Douglas Classes - Verre Églomisé

Discount code will be provided during your workshop!

Complete Class Kit - Special

CDGG/KIT $ 225.00
Purchase all the necessary tools for this Verre Églomisé educational series. Highest quality Italian Manetti 6kt White Gold leaf and all the items listed individually below.
Class Kit

Purchase class items individualy

Re-load on essential items!!! Every artist knows that If you use your tools right, then they will preform for you. True work horses - and in a pinch, you know which are your "go-to" tools. But even your hardest working friends need refreshing. Now is your time. And enjoy a special discount on the folowing items, exclusively through the Charles Douglas Gilding Studio Workshops. Thanks for participating in our workshops!

Use discount code at checkout - provided by instructor - to save even more!

25S/3 $ 22.50
Blue Squirrel Hair - Single - 3" width x 2" Length - German
943/1.5 $ 32.00
Pure Ox Hair. 1.5". Metal ferrule and a raw wood handle.
GE/S $ 4.00
Gelatin Glue Size - 1 sheet - 40 Diamond imprint
Gelatin Size
GK/S $ 39.00
Gilders Knife - Single edge with square tip 5½" blade
Gilders Knife
GP/D $ 74.00
Gilders Pad, Delux 7" x 9.1/2" W/O SHIELD - Italian
Gilders Pad
MA6.00WH/B $ 46.00
Manetti Brand - 6kt White Gold Leaf Book - Loose Leaf
6kt Gold Leaf

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