The Art of Crackle Gesso

The is excited to partner with the Charles Douglas Gilding Studio to provide you with the highest quality, hands on training for the gilding arts.

The Art of Crackle Gesso
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Learn to Make Crackle Gesso!

The intriguing look of crackle gesso can be used as a ground for traditional water gilding, oil gilding, and painted finishes. A perfect match for those studying gilding and who wish to take a few extra hours to learn how to make and apply this custom gilder's gesso.. A 4 1/2 hour period of study over three weeks. After that you can use this method for your future projects as a creative option for yourself or your clients. We start from scratch by combining the materials on day one with everything weighed for accuracy. Lesson 2 we apply the gesso to a sample frame (Choose whatever raw wood you like!). Lesson 3 we deepend the crackle, sand it smooth and perform whatever tweaking we like.

This is an 3 session class for a total of 4.5 hours. Each session is 90 minutes.

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Class Materials

Charles Douglas Classes - Crackle Gesso.

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RSG330/1 $ 24.00
Granular German - 1 lb
Rabbit Skin Glue
HG31503/1 $ 21.00
Granular German - 1 lb
Hide Glue
CARB3/1 $ 15.00
Florence Rouge Whiting - Gesso powder - 1 lb
Dry Gesso

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