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Clay Bole... an In-Depth Study. Charles Douglas Gilding Studio ZOOM classes

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Clay Bole... an In-Depth Study

Clay Bole, the silky smooth earthen clay that is applied to the surface of the gilder’s gesso plays an integral role in traditional water gilding, from providing a cushion to the underlying hard gesso to offering a sympathetic color to the shade and kt of gold leaf used. In this special 3-part series we take an in-depth look at this intriguing material, from its raw dry-cone form to the exotic color palette of traditional reds and yellows to green, blue, black, and pink.

Available in pre-mixed form where the clay is mixed with water ready for use, students will learn to mix their own clay bole from dry cones in a tumbler while learning to combine colors for color-matching, important to restoration and custom gilding for frames, furniture, and architectural detail.

Students will also discover the different approaches needed in applying and treating the different color boles as their properties differ. We also explore some of the historical aspects of various color boles used in different countries over centuries past.

Join us for this unique discovery of Clay Bole!

This is an 3 session class for a total of 4.5 hours. Each session is 90 minutes.

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