Bronze powder and Roman Gilding online class.

Roman Gilding...a Study in Bronze Powder with the Charles Douglas Gilding Studio ZOOM classes

The is excited to partner with the Charles Douglas Gilding Studio to provide you with the highest quality, hands on training for the gilding arts.

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Roman Gilding...a Study in Bronze Powder and other Powder Gilding Techniques

Roman Gilding is a method of applying a finely ground Bronze Powder to a prepared surface in a water based method embedded in rabbit skin glue as a binder. This is one of several methods of working with bronze powders for decorative finishes often used in the early 20th c for picture frames.

During this special eight-week Online Zoom series students will learn the historical method of how bronze powder is embedded in a prepared rsg solution as used as a water-based paint as well as applying powder onto a gesso and clay bole ground in the method of traditional water gilding. This latter technique was researched at Charles Douglas Gilding Studio from old texts and adapted to achieve the look of old burnished bronze as seen on ‘Piecrust’ style picture frames with Compo Ornamentation, popular during the early 1900’s.

We will also explore two Oil Gilding methods of applying a Bronze Powder Finish as well as working with Mica powders and grinding gold leaf to be used as a powder as well as a demonstration in making shell gold, spoken of by Cennini in his 15thc Treatise Il Libro d’ell Arté.

As is the case with certain materials in the history of art, bronze powder is toxic and Micas may be a more attractive material to work with in our contemporary setting. This class nonetheless holds an important place in the history of gilding and plays an integral role in the education of the serious gilding student. Join us this coming April for an intriguing journey in the understanding of Roman Gilding and other Powder Gilding Techniques!

Note: All classes are Live and recorded for student’s use. Recordings remain accessible in the Zoom system until the end of the Quarter. Students may register at anytime to receive access to the recordings which is beneficial for this who miss a class or live in different time Zones. Those who sign up before the class begins can also attend the Live sessions!

This is an 8 session class for a total of 12 hours. Each session is 90 minutes.

Date Location Time Price Status Register Now
April 30 May 7, 14, 21, 28 June 3, 10, 17, 2021 ZOOM 1:00pm - 2:30pm PST (4:00pm - 5:30pm EST; Adjust for International Time Zones $290.00 AVAILABLE
Select Roman Gilding:April 30;May 7,14,21,28; June 3,10,17, 2021

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