Antique Dutch Black Finish. How to make the perfect picture frame.

with Gilded leaf edge

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Gilding Workshop
How to create the Antique Dutch Black Finish
Creating the Antique Dutch Black Finish...with Genuine gilt edge

Join us as we go through each step of the Antique Dutch Black Finish as inspired by 17thc frames from Holland.

Before we're finished we'll gild the frame edge in genuine Silver Leaf and tone with an antique wash.

A rare opportunity to learn this beautiful finish for picture frames!

Note: Materials list will be provided for all classes.

Dutch Black will require shellac (ruby, orange or clear in order of preference). Also, casein paint: black, raw umber, and yellow ochre as well as denatured alcohol and a raw wood picture frame or other raw wood object which you would like to apply this finish.

November 9, 16, 23, 30 - December 7, 14, 21, 28 2022 (Once a Week for 8 Weeks)

1:30pm - 3:00pm PST (4:30pm - 6:00pm EST)

This is an 8 session class for a total of 12 hours. Each session is 90 minutes.

Date Location Time Price Status Register Now
November 9, 16, 23, 30 - December 7, 14, 21, 28 2022 ZOOM 1:30pm - 3:00pm PST (4:30pm - 6:00pm EST) $295.00 AVAILABLE REGISTER NOW

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DWS/8 $ 12.95
Dux - Aquasize size. Waterbased adhesive. 8 oz. - 1/2 Pint
MA23.00PA/B $ 92.00
Manetti Brand - 23kt Genuine Gold Leaf Book. Patent Leaf - 16 gram
RS/500 $ 18.50
Rottenstone polishing powder - 17.6oz - 500 gram
PX/100 $ 14.00
Pumice powder - Extra Fine - 100 gram

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