Dux AquaSize

Water based gilding adhesive

Step-by-step gilding tutorials using water based size.
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Dux Aquasize Size Aqua Size comes to tack in 25 minutes and stays open for 36 hours. Do not dilute Aqua Size as it is meant to be used full strength. Aqua size will cure to a hard surface. Download the MSDS sheet.

DWS/8 $ 12.95
Dux - Aquasize size. 8 oz. - 1/2 Pint - Coverage approx. 10 sqft
Water based
DWS/P $ 16.50
Dux - Aquasize size. 16 oz - Pint - Coverage approx. 21 sqft
Water based
DWS/Q $ 25.50
Dux - Aquasize size. 32 oz. - Quart - Coverage approx. 85 sqft
Water based
DWS/GAL $ 68.00
Dux - Aquasize size. 64oz. Gallon - Coverage approx. 340 sqft
Water based
DWS/5GA $ 249.00
Dux - Aquasize size. 5 Gallon Tub - Coverage approx. 1,700 sqft
Water based

Wunda Gilding Size

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Wunda Size comes to tack in 15 to 20 minutes and stays open for gilding for at least 36 hours. It may be thinned up to 20% with water to increase its leveling properties and to increase the sheen of the gilded surface. Unlike oil sizes, Wunda size will never fully harden and the gilded surface should be sealed, if contact with the surface is expected. Download the MSDS sheet.

3010 $ 26.50
Wunda SIze water based adhesive. 16 oz - Quart - Coverage approx. 85 sqft
Water based
3000 $ 72.00
Wunda SIze water based adhesive. - Gallon - Coverage approx. 350 sqft
Water based

Permacoll Gilding Size

Powder - Gold Gilding

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Permacoll water based adhesive size for powder gold. Also suitable for gilding on paper and flexible surfaces. 100 ml gold size. Made by Kolner in Germany.

PGS/100 $ 22.50
Permacoll Size - water based adhesive. 100ml - German
Water based

Miniatum Gilding Size

Gilding on paper

In Stock

Miniatum Size water based size for gilding on paper and flexible surfaces. Mirror gloss finish. Available as clear or pre-tinted yellow/ochre. 50ml container. Made by Kolner in German

PMC/50 $ 26.50
Miniatum Size water based adhesive. Clear - 50 ml.
Water based
PMY/50 $ 26.50
Miniatum Size water based adhesive. Yellow/Ochre - 50 ml.
Water based

Product Description

Aqua Size and Wunda Size are popular water based sizes and serve as an alternative to oil size for interior projects. Both have an extremely long tack time making it suitable for large scale interior projects or production gilding in manufacturing plants. Aqua Size and Wunda Size are most appropriate when used to gild with metal leaf, but will produce acceptable results with genuine gold. Porous surfaces should be sealed with A primer prior to sizing. Aqua and Wunda Size are for interior use only. Clean up as soon as possible with water or acetone.

Size refers to the adhesive material used to adhere gold, silver, copper or metal leaf to the surface being gilded. There are different forms of size depending on the gilding method; oil based, water based and 'water gilding'. Gilding with water based adhesives should not be confused with traditional water gilding methods or the Kolner Water Gilding System. Water based adhesives form a tacky surface gluing the leaf to the surface and are not burnishable.

This product is availble to ship immediately. All our water based size products are shipped fully insured via UPS.

WINTER SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS Water-based sizing is subject to freeze damage during winter months. Therefore, the GildedPlanet restricts our shipment of water based sizing. Please contact us with shipping availability in your state.

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