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Step-by-step gilding tutorials tips and


Gilding Books!

Gold Leaf Application and Antique Restoration

Gold Leaf Application and Antique Restoration

Illustrated, step-by-step instructions for various gold leafing and restoration techniques.

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Variegated Metal Leaf Products

Variegated Leaf is metal leaf which has been treated to create colorful patterns in the leaf. The random patterns may vary from pack to pack.

Variegated Leaf Black Special

500 leaf pack

N2270 $ 345.00


Variegated Leaf - BLUE

500 leaf pack

N2165 $ 345.00


Variegated Leaf - GREEN

500 leaf pack

N2185 $ 345.00

Variegated Leaf - RED

Leaf 500 leaf pack

N2155 $ 345.00


  Variegated Amorphic Leaf - GREEN STRIPE

Leaf 500 leaf pack

N2250 $ 345.00


  Variegated Amorphic Leaf - GREEN TINT

Leaf 500 leaf pack

N2260 $ 345.00


New Crafts Special
Tamise - Small Flakes of Metal Leaf


Tamisé metal leaf flakes

Tamisé flakes provide glittering rainbow colors for the artist’s palette in 10 new color combinations. This kaleidoscope of colors comes in clear boxes 4 ½" x 3" x 2" - as well as simple instructions for use on the reverse, and their own display color chart.

S2725/5G Tamise - Imitation Gold $ 21.00
S2735/5G Tamise - Copper $ 24.00
S2740/5G Tamise - Aluminum $ 21.00
S2755/5G Tamise - Variegated Red $ 28.00
S2760/5G Tamise - Mixed Gold $ 21.00
S2761/5G Tamise - Mixed Copper $ 24.00
S2762/5G Tamise - Sunshine $ 21.00
S2763/5G Tamise - Variegated Spring $ 28.00
S2764/5G Tamise - Mixed Red $ 28.00
S2765/5G Tamise - Mixed Spring $ 28.00
S2700/SET Set of Ten Shades $ 187.50




Gilding step-by-step tutorials, tips and techniques

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Step-by-step gilding tutorials, tips and Q&A

Silver leafing techniques

Antiquing techniques

Silver Leafing

Silver leafing can add charm and personality to even the most ordinary objects.

with video clip

Silver Leaf Antiquing

Antiquing glaze creates the soft glow of slightly tarnished silver.

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