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Step-by-step gilding tutorials tips and


Gilding Books!

Gilding: Easy Techniques & Elegant Projects With Metal Leaf

Gilding: Easy Techniques & Elegant Projects With Metal Leaf

Decorating with gold accents can add sophistication, dimension, and importance, not just to the object it embellishes, but to an entire room.

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Gilding on Glass
Glass gilding, applying gold and silver leaf to glass.

More step-by-step tutorials

Applying gold leaf to glass is a technique that has been employed for centuries by sign makers, lettering specialists, and specialty mirror makers (also commonly referred to as Verre Eglomise). The basic steps are straight forward, as long as you use the correct materials, the right know-how and a bit of patience.

How to Gold Leaf on Glass Surfaces

1. First, insure the glass surface is completely clean. Generally Denatured Alcohol works best as a cleaning agent.
Be sure to use a lint free cloth.

2. Apply Gelatin sizing (adhesive) to the glass surface where you
would like the gold to adhere. There are a few specialty brushes designed for this application process that will facilitate the gelatin application, see below.

3. Apply 22kt Genuine Gold leaf - surface or loose leaf (note: Patent Leaf will not work for gilding on glass). You can use 22kt or higher, depending on final look and color tone desired. Complete Gold Leaf Color charts are available at the GildedPlanet Color Charts center.

4. Allow Gelatin Sizing to dry fully then remove any excess leaf bits with a soft Squirrel Mop brush.

5. Back-up the gold with paint or clear varnish. Often Gold Lettering and graphics are painted over to protect and seal the gold as well as increase the reflectivity and luster of the gold, as seen through the front of the glass or mirror. This color can affect the Gold tone slightly. Using a Terracotta  Red will warm the Gold, while using a Black can make it appear bolder and colder. Yellow tends to mellow the Gold and add depth. Alternatively, you can skip the paint layer and back-up the letter forms or graphics directly with clear varnish, see step 6. If you choose to use paint, be sure to add a final layer of clear varnish over the painted surface.

6.  Complete the process with a clear coat of Varnish (even if you applied a paint layer, as in step 5).


Book Special

Gilding: The Glory of Gold


Gilding: The Glory of Gold

Turn almost any object into a gold-plated work of art. Colorful and simple instructions make it easy. Start with the surfaces that are easiest for gilding--wood, then plastic, then stainless steel, glass, and ceramic. Along with projects come practical tips and imaginative suggestions for both small- and large-scale techniques, so you can either add light detailing or go for a total transformation.


Materials for Gilding on Glass

Gelatin Glue size for Glass Gilding

Platinum white gelatin sheets are the alternate to 00 gelatin capsules. Each sheet is embossed with 80 diamonds. A two diamond section is equal to one 00 gelatin capsule and, when placed in one half pint of water, it will make an average strength batch of gelatin glue size.


GE/K 1 Kilogram Box        $ 97.00
GE/500 ˝ Kilogram Box    $ 67.50
GE/10 10 Sheets            $ 13.00

More Size and Adhesives

Brushes  for applying Gelatin Sizing

Flat Wash Brushes

Flat Water

Mixed Hair Mop. Copper Ferrule. Raw wood handle - French.
"Glass Gilder's Special" for application of Gelatin Water Size

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Mops - Tips - Gesso - Wash - Lining -Specialty Brushes

Pointed Wash Brushes

Pointed Kazan Squirrel Mop

Quill Ferrule - Varnished Wood Handle - French

61/3 10mm

$ 27.00

Genuine Gold Leaf

22 kt. Gold Leaf - Packs

Pack of 20 22kt. Gold leaf books - 500 leaves. Each leaf is 3 3/8" x 3 3/8" square. Approx. coverage is 39 sqft.

Patent Leaf
$ 805.00

22 kt. French Pale Gold Leaf Pack
500 Leaf Pack
Loose Leaf




More Genuine Gold Leaf
Genuine Silver Leaf


Silver Leaf Pack
Loose Leaf

Loose Leaf - Monarch Brand (German)
Pack of 20 silver leaf books - 500 leaves. Each leaf is 3 3/8in. x 3 3/8in. Approx coverage 39 sqft.
item # MO00.00SV


Back-Up Paint

The thick screen ink used as a 'back-up' paint for gilded glass. Available in 5 ounce tubes.


DK/Y Yellow Ocher - 5 oz tube $ 22.00

DK/B Black - 5 oz tube $ 22.00


Gilding step-by-step tutorials, tips and techniques

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Step-by-step gilding tutorials, tips and Q&A

Silver leafing techniques

Antiquing techniques

Silver Leafing

Silver leafing can add charm and personality to even the most ordinary objects.

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Silver Leaf Antiquing

Antiquing glaze creates the soft glow of slightly tarnished silver.

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