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Step-by-step gilding tutorials tips and

Gilding Kits

Includes all the tools and materials to apply imitation gold leaf. Set contains one 4 oz. bottle of Gilding Size, natural hair brush, cotton and mixing sticks, wet/dry paper and book of leaf. Water-based. Each book contains 25 leaves.
Each leaf is 5.5" x 5.5" square. Approx coverage is 5.25 sq. ft.

$ 28.95



Large broken leaf pieces

Large irregular sheets of Color 2.5 Schlagmetal, approx. 6", packaged in large boxes.

Box of Imitation Gold Schaibin
100 grams
$ 120.00

Box of Aluminum Schaibin
60 grams
$ 120.00

Box of Copper Schaibin
100 grams
$ 128.00


New Crafts Special
Tamise - Small Flakes of Metal Leaf

Tamisé metal leaf flakes

Tamisé flakes provide glittering rainbow colors for the artist’s palette in 10 new color combinations. This kaleidoscope of colors comes in clear boxes 4 ˝" x 3" x 2" - as well as simple instructions for use on the reverse, and their own display color chart.

Tamise - Imitation Gold
$ 21.00
Tamise - Copper
$ 24.00
Tamise - Aluminum
$ 21.00
Tamise - Variegated Red
$ 28.00
Tamise - Mixed Gold
$ 21.00
Tamise - Mixed Copper
$ 24.00
Tamise - Sunshine
$ 21.00
Tamise - Variegated Spring
$ 28.00
Tamise - Mixed Red
$ 28.00
Tamise - Mixed Spring
$ 28.00
Set of Ten Shades
$ 187.50

Gilding Books!

Gilding: Easy Techniques & Elegant Projects With Metal Leaf

Easy Techniques & Elegant Projects With Metal Leaf

Decorating with gold accents can add sophistication, dimension, and importance, not just to the object it embellishes, but to an entire room.
Item # 3800

$ 24.95

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Genuine Copper Leaf Products

How to Copper Leaf - Basic step-by-step tutorial
More Gilding Tutorials

At the Gilder's Planet we offer only the highest quality leafing products.

Copper Leaf is made from pure copper. Available in Packs of 500 leaves and Books of 25 leaves. We offer the best rates and customer service available anywhere on or off the web!

Sample Packs available!
NEW - 5 meter metal sample rolls!
Complete Gilding Kits available

Genuine Leaf
Gold Leaf
Silver Leaf
Palladium Leaf
Rolls Of Leaf
Metal Leaf
Composition Gold Leaf
Aluminum Leaf
Copper Leaf
Variegated Leaf
Sizes and Adhesives
Size and Adhesives

Copper Leaf

Metal Leaf Packs

Pack of 20 leaf books - 500 leaves.
Each leaf is 5.5" x 5.5".
Approx. coverage is 100 sqft.

Exclusive import - China

Imitation Gold Leaf
Aluminum Leaf
Copper Leaf


Copper Leaf Pack
20 books

Nazionale Brand - High Quality Italian Leaf

Pack of 20 copper leaf books
Leaf size is approx. 5.5" x 5.5".
500 leaves. covers approx. 105 sq.ft.

item # N2135



NEW! Patent Copper Leaf pack

Pack of 20 Copper leaf books- 500 leaves.  Each transfer copper leaf is attached to a sheet of wax paper, allowing for easy handling and application. Each leaf is 5.5" x 5.5" square. Approx. coverage is 100 sqft.

item # N2135/PA



Copper Leaf Book - 25 leaves per book

Book of 25 copper leaves
Genuine Copper Leaf. Leaf size is approx. 5.5" x 5.5"

item # copper_bk



NEW! - Copper Leaf Book - Patent Leaf

Book of 25 Copper leaves.  Each Copper leaf is attached to a sheet of wax paper, allowing for easy handling and application. Each leaf is 5.5" x 5.5" square.

item # N2135/PA_bk



Master Rolls of Copper Leaf

 Ribbon Leaf is manufactured by placing 4 1/8" square leaves onto a continuous length of waxed paper with a 2mm overlap. The rolled paper and the cardboard core are equal in width and the gold leaf is placed inside the edge of the paper.

Ribbon Leaf can be trimmed and cut to any size
and width required.

When trimmed, the copper leaf and paper are cut to produce a clean edge of copper and paper of the exact width.

More Ribbon leaf

Copper Leaf  50 meter
Master Roll

50 meter Master roll. Each leaf is 6 1/4" x 6 1/4"
on a continuous 50 meter roll.
Approx. coverage is 82 sqft.

item # N50MAS/C




NEW - 5 meter metal sample rolls!- NEW
5 meter metal sample rolls!

Each roll is 6 1/4" square leaves on a continues 5 meter roll.
Ideal for samples and small surface areas.
Covers approx. 8 sqft.
Mini versions of our 50 meter and 75 meter master rolls!

Imitation Gold - color 2.5
$ 36.00

$ 36.00

$ 40.00




6 1/4" x 6 1/4" Copper leaves. Each unit of 500 leaves is wrapped in paper with tissue paper between every 100 leaves.

N2035/M - Pack of 1,000 leaves $ 145.00 Contact us for
pricing and details
N2035 - Box of 10,000 leaves $ 950.00 Contact us for
pricing and details
N2035/H - Half box of 5,000 leaves $ 525.00 Contact us for
pricing and details



Large irregular sheets of Copper, approx. 4" to 6" packaged in large boxes.

N2635/K - 1 kilo Box $ 585.00 Contact us for
pricing and details
N2635/250 - 250 gram box $ 160.00 Contact us for
pricing and details


Tamise Flakes

Tamisé flakes comes in clear boxes 4 ˝" x 3" x 2"
More Tamise Flakes

Tamise - Copper
$ 11.00

Tamise - Mixed Copper
$ 11.00


Sepp Metal Composition Leaf  books gold pack of 20

Metal Leaf Sample Pack!

1 book Imitation Gold Leaf
1 book Aluminum Leaf
1 book Copper Leaf

$ 19.50

Item #  metal_sampPK


Patent Leaf Sample Pack

1 book Patent Imitation Gold Leaf
1 book Patent Aluminum Leaf
1 book Patent Copper Leaf

$ 36.50

Item #  metal_sampPA

Special request? Ask Us.

More Metal Composition Leaf
Individual books

Made from various metallic alloys that simulate gold or silver. Items covered with imitation leaf will tarnish unless they are varnished or sealed. Sheets of imitation leaf are approximately 5.5 in. x 5.5 in. 25 sheets per book, 20 books to a pack. Copper leaf is genuine copper.

Imitation Dutch Gold Leaf - $ 7.00
Aluminum Leaf - $ 7.00
Copper Leaf - $ 7.75
Gilding Kits - Imitation Gold Leaf,
Aluminum Leaf or Copper - $ 28.95

Step-by-Step Tutorials

How to Gold Leaf How to Imitation Gold Leaf
How to Silver Leaf How to Apply Dutch Gold
How to Gild on Glass How to Apply Composition Leaf
    How to Aluminum Leaf
Advanced Gilding Tutorials How to Copper Leaf
  at artSparx.com!    
How to apply leaf to Ceiling and walls
Exterior Gold Leafing Techniques
Gilding over Metal Surfaces - Bronze, brass, steel, iron, aluminum

Gilded Planet Brush Special

3/4 inch Soft Goat Hair Brush - Professional gilder's brush

Item: 367/3/4

$ 15.00


Gilding Size 4oz. container

This Gilding Size (adhesive) is designed for all interior leafing projects and is ideally suited for application on paper, cardboard, plastic and wood. Gilding Size comes to tack in 25 minutes and stays open for 36 hours. Do not dilute Aqua Size as it is meant to be used full strength. Aqua size will cure to a hard surface. Water based.
More Adhesive Sizing

4 oz $ 7.50
item # GS/4oz

Aquasize water based adhesive - Gallom

8 oz $ 12.95
item# DWS/8oz
Aquasize water based adhesive - Quart
1 Pint $ 16.25
item# DWS/P

Aquasize water based adhesive - Pint

1 Quart $ 25.50
item # DWS/Q

Aquasize water based adhesive - 8 oz.

1 Gallon $ 78.00
item # DWS/GAL

Aquasize water based adhesive - 4oz.

Gilding Size 4oz. container

This oil-based Gilding Size (adhesive) is designed for all interior leafing projects and is ideally suited for furniture, picture frames and objects made from plastic and wood. Gilding Size comes to tack in 2 hours and stays open for up to 4 hours.
More Adhesive Sizing

item # LA/4oz

$ 7.95

Acrylic Clear Coat Sealer

This Acrylic Topcoat Sealer is a non-reactive, premium water clear sealer for genuine and metal leaf. Made from acrylic copolymers, Acrylic Topcoat provides protection from abrasion, water and ultra violet light.
item # ACC/4oz

$ 7.95

temporarily out of stock


Gilding step-by-step tutorials, tips and techniques

Ask your gilding questions at the exclusive Ask artSparx
question and answer forum!

Step-by-step gilding tutorials, tips and Q&A

Silver leafing techniques

Gold leafing techniques

Silver Leafing
& Aluminum Leafing

Silver leafing can add charm
and personality to even the most
ordinary objects.

Gold Leafing
Composition & Imitation Gold Leafing

Gold Leafing might be just the right
accent you're looking for! These straight forward step-by-step methods helps
get the job done right.


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